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about us

Westcor Lands Ltd was formed as the investment arm of two families, and is run by Leighton Friesen CPA,CA and Steve Dunton as Directors.  Westcor currently has residential developments throughout British Columbia and affiliate companies have mining and equipment interests.  Our focus is to provide attainable homes for market ownership and attainable rental homes for renters in the communities we develop in.

Superior Design

Our Philosophy

We are long-term thinking Development Company, committed to helping to solve housing challenges within the Province of BC. 

Quality designs

From start to finish, every Westcor-built community is the result of an extensive collaboration by a team of industry-leading professionals, along with highlyexperienced development and construction personnel. This collaborative process leads to thoughtful attention to detail, master planned communities; creating space for your life. 

Principles of our work

Westcor is leading the way to the future: 

  • Creating Solutions For Attainable Housing  
  • Pursuit of Superior Design and Quality Materials 
  • Integrating state-of-the-art, smart technologies 
  • Employing and Managing Effective Eco-Solutions 
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Feedback from community allows our team of professional consultants to bring changes into our new developments, enhancing any development and making for a better overall project! 


From Safety Procedures, to Home Warranty Programs; from Attainable HomeOwnership Programs to Sustainable Development Principles, we work as a team to ensure that a Westcor site meets the highest Industry Standards. 


Every Westcor project adheres to a specific set of standards: well positioned homes within close proximity to amenities – like good schools and convenient transit options – enriching the living experience. Using Colours and Textures, Landscape Engineering, and Interior Designa Westcor project hopes to enhance the beauty of a community, while being flexible to withstand day-to-day living. 

Why choose
Westcor Lands Ltd.

High quality standards

The secret to achieving the highest level of quality for any job starts with having standards. At Westcor Ltd we stand behind our product and implement quality in construction within every project we take on.

Leading experts

From every level of a project, we work with leading experts within their specific industry. From the architect, to the contractor to the supervisors and inspectors. We stand behind the Westcor name and expect nothing but the best with everyone we work with.

Modern equipment

Using clean and well maintained, modern equipment is an essential part of environmental sensitivity. Our Westcor Team is committed to using modern and well maintained equipment. No matter the project, our machines work hard and clean. 

Attainable Housing Experts

Westcor remains committed to innovative solutions to the housing challenges in BC.  We are continually moving forward, leading the call to create workable programs to assist families with home ownership. Feel free to reach out to us and we will be glad to chat!  

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The Westcor Advantage


Our Strength

Westcor’s strength is its people.  We have a large group of consultants and we have key team members with extensive experience from entitling projects through to completing the buildout.  Westcor is a registered Residential Builder in the Province of British Columbia.  This is an earned and grandfathered title we are licensed to use.



Westcor provides full packages for all its rezoning, development permit and building permits required on all its developments.  Projects are built electronically before construction starts which reduces change orders.


Development Opportunity

Westcor is always looking for more development opportunities and Westcor shares opportunities with other qualified investors by way of Limited Partnership or direct joint venture investment.  Limited Partners are not required to sign for development financing and Westcor does not need help with development financing. Westcor shares profits with others when the opportunity arises which allows us to take on additional projects.


Working through the municipal process has become a very difficult process in some jurisdictions.  Westcor is careful to count the known risks of municipal decision making and with the experience in the Team, sort through ways to get what appears impossible on the surface completed.  We are not afraid to take on geotechnically challenging hillside developments because we have extensive experience on difficult sites.  Our knowledge of materials and how to use them optimally has allowed us to have no failures in any of our construction ground works in over 40 years. Our financial backing means we do not need property owners to share in the extensive costs of getting sites entitled, Westcor bank rolls the development process

Current Projects

Westcor currently has projects in Sechelt BC, Ladysmith BC, Colwood BC, Radium Hot Springs, Golden, Cranbrook and Salmon Arm coming soon.  It has rental projects in Sechelt BC, Ladysmith BC and Cranbrook BC.  It has restricted market housing projects in Sechelt BC, Cranbrook BC and Golden BC., restricted for renters to become owners.  Westcor is open to considering purchase or Limited Partner Joint Venturing anywhere in BC. or Alberta.


Architecture and Design Team

BCA Architecture is a part of Westcor’s Architectural Design Team, working with us on many current projects. BCA’s services extend to the full spectrum of architectural practice.  Sustainability and occupants’ health and wellness are high priorities in their practice.  The members of the BCA team are experienced LEED accredited professionals. 

Waissbluth Architecture Office is a part of Westcor’s Architectural Design Team, working with us on many current projects. They are professional in approach, providing complete architectural and project planning services from concept to completion. w-ao work with clients and local governing bodies to take a project from design through completion. 

Engineering and Planing Team

Evertek Engineering is a part of Westcor’s Engineering Team, working with us throughout the province on many current projects.  Evertek provides geotechnical and Civil engineering services to municipalities, developers, construction companies, commercial/residential builders and private companies in the residential, municipal, commercial and industrial sector. Their projects range from investigation for infrastructures, residential subdivisions, apartment buildings, commercial projects, roads and embankments and slopes. They bring unparalleled expertise to the entire geotechnical spectrum—from planning, investigation, and design to execution and quality control. 

Westcor has been working with WSB on many construction builds. Darryl and his team are very professional and competent. Weiler Smith Bowers (WSB) Consulting Structural Engineering was founded in 1992 and has provided a wide variety of services to Building Owners, Architects, Federal Agencies, Local Governments and Contractors while maintaining a high level of quality customer service. 

Working with Westcor to ensure we have the best in envelope solutions, Aqua-Coast has the details & resources to ensure the building envelope and roofing membranes of any building project, whether new construction or restoration, meet the highest of standards.  Westcor has been working with Aqua-Coast for some time now. 

Westcor is please to have been working with Creative Transportation Solutions Ltd. (CTS) on many of our projects throughout BC.  With offices in both Metro Vancouver (Port Coquitlam) and the Okanagan (Summerland), CTS is one of the most respected traffic engineering firms in operation in Western Canada. The main goal of CTS is to develop transportation solutions for its clients that are consistently comprehensive, effective and forward-looking.  

Bennett Land Surveying Ltd has a track record of over 40 years of quality surveying in the Greater Vancouver area. We provide a broad range of survey services, such as projects for individual homeowners, mapping services for large land developments, and legal, construction and movement monitoring services for some of the largest and most complex developments in BC. 

Construction Team

New Dawn Developments are a part of Westcor’s Consulting and Construction Team, working with us throughout the Columbia Valley current projects. Based in Cranbrook, BC, New Dawn Developments Ltd. is an award-winning construction and land development company that has completed a variety of residential and commercial projects throughout the Kootenays and in Alberta. 

Westcor and Highland work together in the construction of Single Family Homes.  Highland Advantage Builders has a goal to be the best and provide customer service that you can rely on. In all facets of their business, excellence is a core standard.

As Registered, Licenced Builders in the Province of BC, Westcor brings hands-on building experience that has been honed over the past 4 decades. With Construction experience spanning from single-family residences to multi-story buildings and townhomes, Westcor is committed to best practices in construction. 

Technology Team

In our pursuit of state-of-the art solutions in all of our developments, Westcor has developed a strong relationship with the Solar Earth Team.  Solar Earth was founded in July 2015 in Vancouver Canada by a group of scientists, engineers, roadway experts, and entrepreneurs. Our vision is to lead the way in helping the world reduce their carbon footprint through paving integrated photovoltaic solutions. 

Westcor desires to be on the front edge when it comes to micro-mobility solutions and our strategic relationship with the team at Urban Racks helps with that goal.  Urban Racks works by understanding that products alone cannot solve the obscure and complex issues that are often overlooked in urban infrastructure. They are able to create solutions that encompass and address all of the needs for our projects. 

With over a decade of experience using reliable materials, pragmatic designs, meticulous planning, and a vision for a more sustainable future, the team at Urban Racks have chosen to redefine bike parking and storage needs for the better. 

Marketing Team

Doug has been a realtor since 1992 and have served many communities in the British Columbia area.  Members of the Westcor team have worked with Doug for over 15 years as he assists in both the acquisition, marketing and sales of many of our projects.  We are happy to have this long-standing relationship.

Joel and his team have been assisting Westcor with purchase and sale agreements on many of our current properties.  Westcor has been working with Joel for 10 years and relies on his team to help us solve various issues that occur while we cast our vision on a potential development property. They are focused on providing you with the best results and service in the industry. 

Westcor has been working with Tess Bradshaw and her team in developing a marketing program designed to help us sell homes to over 50 families in Sechelt and on the Sunshine Coast. Her approach fits the Westcor approach and we are excited as we move forward.