Experience that matters

Westcor Team

Steve Dunton

Steve has been at the helm of Land and Finance for over 43 years now and provides the vision and “DNA” of our Team. 

Starting in the Construction, Housing and Development world in the 80’s, he began as many did, as a labourer in framing and installations. Soon Steve transitioned to a builder of houses and then multi-family developments.  He has established his reputation in the province as a fully qualified builder, insisting on quality every step of the way.  It is this attitude that he brought forward in the 90’s as a Land Developer, working throughout Vancouver Island and even into Washington State. His understanding of financing brought another strength to the front during the 90’s in the form of Commercial Mortgage resolution; this resulted in rescuing projects that were in jeopardy and bringing them to completion. 

Through the 2000’s Steve worked on some significant development projects in BC; some of these have become premier, high end developments.  Through these years of experience in Finance, Development and Building – from bare, un-zoned land to completed projects – Steve has transitioned into leading Westcor into a medium sized development company spanning BC.  He has one goal for Westcor: to build affordable communities where families and individuals can comfortably live. 


Steve has a unique ability to find and acquire land and projects at levels that make Westcor’s developments profitable. His deal-making and problem-solving skills bring successful projects to completion. Capitalizing on this ability, Steve has been leading our Team in an initiative to pass on some of these savings, utilizing innovative programs, working with BC Housing HUB and others, to assisting families in BC to in becoming homeowners throughout BC. 

Steve, together with Leighton, are the two Directors of Westcor Lands Ltd. 

Leighton Friesen

Leighton brings the Financial Control side to the Team with his CPA/CA title and 30 years in the Accounting and Management field.  

He began in Public Practice with some of the top accounting firms in BC: Ernst & Young, Chartered Accountants and Manning Elliot, Chartered Accountants.  Leighton completed his accounting training including audit files and transitioned to business early on in his career, managing the Canadian arm of a major electronics wholesaler. It was during this time that he gained the understanding and knowledge needed to manage financial ventures of all sizes.   

With these specific experiences in business, finance and financial controls, Leighton has the balance and the skill set to lead the investment side of Westcor. His relaxed but methodical approach to development, complements the Westcor Team as we cast our vision onto each project. 

Leighton holds the Teams finances together, managing the administration of business as it is being created and developed.   

He, along with Steve, are the two Directors of Westcor Lands Ltd. 

Matt Dunton

Matt Denton

Matt has grown up in a developer’s world.  He has had years of experience in the Construction industry, having developed his own businesses throughout the past two decades.  His background as a Finish Carpenter gives Matt the eye needed for quality construction.  Capitalizing on his experience, Matt has completed many various courses which supplement his knowledge of both Business as well as Construction Practices. 

Matt brings a unique skill set to the Westcor Team: although not formally trained, Matt has an innate understanding of Civil and Structural Engineering.  He can converse with all on an equal-understanding level, and this brings a strong presence to our Team.  Maybe its his experience working with heavy equipment as a teenager, working along side crews installing pipe and building subdivisions, or just his natural problem solving skill – but whatever the reason, Matt is a strong part of our Development and Construction team. 

James Peterson

James is a very “hands-on” part of our Team.  His experience in Construction and Quality Control makes him a perfect fit in the Westcor Team.  James pays attention to the details, ensuring that each and every project is operated in a safe and organized manner.  This comes from his life experiences which he brings to the Team. 


James has both Management and Problem-solving skills which he able to use in developing relationships with the engineers, municipal staff, and other team memebers with whom he works with on each project.  Home Warranty Certification .


Bruce Mason

Bruce has been involved in leadership and oversight his whole career, building a non-profit organization from the ground up to work with teen self-image across Canada.  His construction experience began from the ground up as a framing labourer in the late 80’s and expanded through owning an installation company employing and organizing a team of over 30 people.  His experience with development and project management began in the early 90’s. 

Bruce and Steve have been working together on projects and developments for almost 30 years. 

Bruce is a “people person”, bringing a skill of communication and public relations to the Westcor Team.  Couple that with his management and marketing abilities, he is a great addition to the Westcor Team. 

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Mike Dunton

Michael Dunton

Mike’s planning and problem solving ability, coupled with his management skills is an incredible asset to our Westcor Team.  Mike has been active in construction from a young teenager, working along side development and equipment crews, building subdivisions on some of the most difficult slopes. 

Mike has experience in Construction, having built and sold his first house when he was only 20, from the ground up.  Mike has the carpentry skills and attention to detail which shows in each and every project he talks on; from surprising his wife with hand-made custom furniture pieces to installations and finish carpentry in multi-million dollar homes.  He has lead teams in projects including large industrial and commercial installations, to prestigious one-of-a-kind projects. 

Mike is a solid leader, giving the Westcor Team another level of on-site and planning depth.