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Ladysmith Landing Townhomes, 1201 Christie Road
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6319 Burdett road
6323 Burdett road
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6315 Burdett Road Homes In Sechelt
2350 Sooke Road, Colwood BC (Coming Soon)
Sechelt Hotel Conference Center (Coming Soon)
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Canyon Heights Chalets
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Mills Road 34 Townhomes (Coming Soon)
Mills Rd
Mills Road 4 New Homes
Mills Road 8 Homes (Coming Soon)
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Mount Royal Single Family Homes
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Mount Castle

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Our approach is to gather together the best local and central core consultants and staff to title, design, and build quality homes for families.  “Families” is defined by those that live together and support each other, needing a home to live in.  All our designs are intended to build community of owners or renters, living as neighbors.  To this end, great detail has been taken to ensure livability and variety of our designs.  Some developments are designed to take up an immediate need for a single purpose local need for housing.  Most developments provide for a diverse affordable mix of housing.