Apple Orchard & Our Community

When building the Apple Orchard Development, location location location was our top priority. Not only do these stunning lots of views of hillside views. These modern ranchers boast 3 bedrooms and a large crawl space for storage. Parking has been placed in the back of these lots to maximize sunlight and the stunning hillside views; there is a back ally for parking access.

Here are 6 reasons to choose the stunning community around Apple Orchard:

West Sechelt Elementary

This sought after public school is for school kids aged K-7. It is within walking and in catchment to Apple Orchard. Located on 5609 Mason Rd, Sechelt, BC. Their vibrant learning community offers unique learning opportunities for their students.

This school has an excellent Indigenous Education Program, a unique Community Garden Program, as well as many nature learning spaces for our classes to explore and learn about our natural surroundings.

Chatelech School

For older aged students from 8-12, our community offers Chatelech School, located 2.1 km from Apple Orchard at 5904 Cowrie St, Sechelt. Many of their students are involved in a variety of  activities encompassing the arts, athletics, and academics. This community school, consistently provided their students with experiences that broaden their worldview and allow diverse options at graduation.

Cascade Green Park

Located within walking distance At 5669 Cook Pl, Sechelt, BC

Amazing little park fun for small kids to explaore. Beautiful and serene a quitet place with trees and a great place to relax

Mason Place Convenient Store

A convenient location with good produce. The staff and service will always make your day when you go there. This family owned store has everything you might need at the last minute. Slurpies, penny candy, basic groceries, open late and great pre-made pizza.

Blue Ocean Golf Club Bar & Grill

Located at 6177 Ripple Way, Sechelt, BC V0N 3A5. This stunning course is a 13 minute drive from Apple Orchard. Course is well kept and the staff are friendly. A great place to stop in for a beer or wings. Many people love this affordable course. The fairways are generous yet there are some challenges to keep you on your toes

Sechelt Your Independent Grocer

Located at 6177 Ripple Way, Sechelt, BC in the Tsain-Ko Village Shopping Centre. They have everything you need from a grocery store. This place is big and comparable to a Superstore. The staff is very helpful. It is clean well stocked and reasonably priced.