Natural Sunlight when building your home

Pure natural sunlight has shown proven results in affecting our overall health. With this in mind, Burdett Rd Development brings large south facing windows on this 5 lot development.

Many can find ways to boost their Vitamin D and improve the quality of their sleep; but we don’t want to just find a way!! We are introducing a new way of implementing overall health and wellness into your home. Natural sunlight plays an effect in so many areas: Wards off seasonal depression, Boosts Vitamin D, Reduces health risks of fluorescent lighting… the list goes on and on.

Our design team took this into consideration when creating the plans for Burdett Road Development. Based on your needs, these homes can have between 3-5 bedrooms all of which have optimized natural light; with all windows facing south allowing in beautiful views of the sunshine coast.  We allow in so much natural light into each and every home. Additionally, they have the potential for a 2 bedroom basement suite.

When spending the majority of your time at home, we want each and every home owner to experience health and wellness. As a general rule, most of us prefer the warmth of the sun. In fact from a study provided by The Harvard Business Review, employees ranked “access to natural light and views of the outdoors” as their number one desire for a workplace environment. So whether you are working at home during COVID, or spend 50% of your time there, we want you to consume all the benefits of natural light.

Other ways to improve more natural light when decorating your new home:

Reflect on MIRRORS 

Light can bounce around with several mirrors incorporated into your design. When hanging mirrors, have them aligned with the tops of doors or other art within your home. Size does matter. Based on the wall space, ensure they are large enough and not out of place.

Drapes that draw back

Drapes do add beautiful texture and can incorporate color into your new space and we can understand why you might not be ready to ditch the drapes just yet. However, consider the rods you use if you are purchasing drapes for your new home. Ensure they can be drawn back easily to let the light in

Light and Bright

Color choice can play a pivotal role in allowing natural light into your home. Colors close to white and pastels tend to reflect rays more then a darker color choice. Also, don’t forget one of the largest canvases in your home… the floor. Brighten up your room with a light colored rug.

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